Thumbs Up

To Firebaugh, California–the first city in the Central Valley to pass a 100% smokefree multi-unit housing law. You can see it here: U.S. Laws for 100% Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing

To South Dakota for including e-cigarettes in their smokefree law! Use of e-cigarettes is now prohibited in public places wherever smoking is prohibited–including restaurants, bars, and casinos. Read more

To Baton Rouge, Louisiana as they celebrate one year smokefree! The East Baton Rouge Ordinance took effect on June 1, 2018. Thanks to the law, indoor air pollution in casinos and bars has declined 98.8%. Read more

To Livermore, California for passing an ordinance to end the sale of flavored tobacco products as well as ending the sale of all vaping products, including Juul. Said one mom, “I’m proud to see my city take a stand to protect our children’s health and give them a chance to grow up tobacco-free.” The ordinance will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. Read more

And a very special Thumbs Up to Atlanta, Georgia, which enacted a smokefree and vape-free law on July 1st. It will be effective January 2, 2020. Read more

Thumbs Down

To new marijuana legislation in Illinois. The legalization of marijuana includes an unexpected exemption to the Smoke-Free Illinois Act that would allow indoor smoking. This new legislation would allow cities decide whether to allow on-site marijuana smoking at bars, restaurants, theaters, and cannabis smoke lounges. Read more

To Juul, for using Big Tobacco tactics to qualify a ballot initiative for November to overturn both San Francisco’s recently passed legislation ending the sale of e-cigarettes and the city’s existing flavors law, which would allow tobacco companies to resume targeting and addicting people with flavored products—from Juul to menthol cigarettes. Read more