Smokefree Thumbs up

To Comfort Inn®, the largest smokefree hotel brand in the U.S. and Canada, on the 2-Year Anniversary of its smokefree hotel policy. Guests and travelers really enjoy their focus on health with amenities like cool, refreshing lemon-fused ice water and access to fitness centers and swimming pools to keep your workout routine going. Every Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites hotel is 100% smokefree.


Thumbs up

To the Town Council of Timnath, Colorado, for updating its local smoke-free ordinance. The updated policy closes gaps in protection and is now the strongest local smoke- and vapor-free policy in the State of Colorado. Congrats, Timnath!


Thumbs up

To the FDA for acknowledging that e-cigarettes are an epidemic in U.S. high schools. Go here for our new fact sheet on electronic smoking devices.


Thumbs down

To Philip Morris International for appropriating the term “smokefree” in recent ad campaigns to give the public image appearance of being socially responsible. After all, Philip Morris’s decades of interference in public health policy is a key reason why tobacco and secondhand smoke is a still a top cause of disease and death in the US and around the world. ANR urges universities not to accept funding from Philip Morris’s “Foundation for a Smokefree World.” It’s blood money intended to convey a message to policymakers and to neutralize opponents. The reality is Big Tobacco is still a corporate pariah and not like any other business.

The WHO made it clear last year in their statement that no one should accept money from a tobacco company for research.