ANR Foundation’s fact sheet on Electronic Smoking Device information and Smokefree Laws has been updated and refreshed to provide communities, policymakers, and advocates with the latest information on these ever-evolving products, including the facts on the health risks and concerns with secondhand exposure, why these products should be included in smokefree air laws, policy trends, what communities can do, and what to expect from vaping industry opponents.

As of July 1, 2018, 752 U.S. municipalities and 11 states include electronic smoking devices as products that are prohibited from use in smokefree environments. Two additional states—Massachusetts and Rhode Island—adopted laws in July to prohibit the use of these products in smokefree spaces, bumping the number of states to 13.

Including electronic smoking devices is now a standard component of smokefree air laws. Cities and states are choosing to prohibit the use of these products in all smokefree venues (indoors and outdoors) so that workers and the public don’t have to breathe the secondhand aerosol these products emit.

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Of note, the FDA just released a statement acknowledging that e-cigarettes are an epidemic. Read the FDA statement.