Are you a researcher looking to evaluate tobacco-related policy issues and the public health benefits of tobacco control law?

The ANR Foundation’s U.S. Tobacco Control Laws Database© contains laws from all 50 states and close to 5,700 municipalities throughout the country. We are the only organization which tracks tobacco-related laws at the state, county, and local level nationwide.

A standardized analysis tool of approximately 370 variables is applied to every piece of legislation collected, and our data have been used in close to 400 studies, and in multiple NCI monographs and Reports of the Surgeon General. Please download our partial bibliography of published database users.


screenshot of a data entry screen

Sample screen from the Laws Database


The Database contains laws on clean air, sales and distribution, youth access, advertising, excise taxes, conditional use permits, marijuana, e-cigarettes, tobacco-free pharmacies, policies on public/affordable and market rate multi-unit housing, and laws that raise the age to purchase tobacco to 21.

Visit our Lists & Maps page to see the documents we provide free of charge.  The documents are updated quarterly, but they represent only a small portion of the rich content that is available from the Laws Database.

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